Using Strategy Tools and Models is a proven practice to define the big picture and strategic context setting. We have researched, compiled and packaged best-practice Strategy Frameworks, Tools and Business Models within the Strategy Design Toolbox. Leverage it to expedite and augment your strategy development process.



Business Leaders and Strategy Consultants often work on defining and designing Strategy which defines overall strategic intention and direction for the business - or the Big Picture. The Strategy Design Toolbox has everything to help you create the Big Picture along your strategy development journey.

Access over 50 Tools, Frameworks and Models for Strategy Design in Premium PowerPoint Format

Based on Deep Expert Research

Best Practice Curated Content

Expedite Engagement Structuring

Engage, Impress & Inspire Your Stakeholders

Application AreasApplication Focus
Accounting & FinanceExternal Assessment
Corporate Strategy and ConsultingInternal Assessment
Customer Experience, Service & LoyaltyStrategy Formulation
Human Resource (HR) ManagementStrategy Refinement
Innovation, Entrepreneurship & TechnologyTransformation Roadmap
Leadership & CommunicationBusiness Case
Business Culture & Diversity
Marketing & Brand Management
Operations, SCM and Procurement
External AssessmentInternal AssessmentStrategy FormulationStrategy Refinement
Adoption CycleABC AnalysisAnsoff Market StrategiesBalanced Scorecard
BenchmarkingBusiness/Unit ProfitabilityCluster AnalysisBreak Even Analysis
Company/Competitor AnalysisCore Competence AnalysisGAP AnalysisNet present value
Customer ExperienceCost Structure AnalysisPorter Competition StrategiesPortfolio strategies
Customer Satisfaction AnalysisFinancial/Ratio AnalysisScenario TechniquesSegmentation and Targeting
Customer Value PropositionRelative Cost PositioningScoring ModelsT-Maps
Economies of ScaleStakeholder AnalysisSWOT strategies
Environmental AnalysisStrengths and weaknesses analysisTreacy / Wiersema Market Positioning
Experience CurveSWOT AnalysisVenkat Matrix
Growth Share MatrixValue Chain
Industry attractiveness / business strength
Key Purchase Criteria
Key Success Factors
Market-Sizing and Share
PEST Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces
Price Elasticity
Product Life Cycle
Product substitution
Segment attractiveness
Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP)


How to use the Strategy Design Toolbox?
The Strategy Development Toolbox contains the Tool Finder Excel file and the supporting PowerPoint deck with over 300 slides. Use the Tool Finder to find the right tool for your analysis and pick up from the respective section in the PowerPoint document. Tools are categorized as per the following classification:
  • External Assessment
  • Internal Assessment
  • Option Generation and Strategy Formulation
  • Strategy Refinement
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Business Case
Can the Toolbox customized?

Yes. We have indexed over 250 Management Tools, Frameworks and Business Models across the various Application Areas listed above, which can be included within the Toolbox on-demand.

What can the content be used for?

Our topic-specific curated content includes best-practice frameworks, business models, methodologies, approaches and tools that can be used to build your Strategy and Management presentations. You can also use the content for Trainings and Corporate Workshops.

How can we access your services?

Currently we only provide on-demand curated content as per client needs. We are working on toolkits which will soon be made available. Please use the 'Request Info' link to request access. We will reach out to you within 2-3 workings days.