Finance Transformation

Mounting financial and regulatory pressures have compelled the CFOs to respond with a series of transformation initiatives to streamline their communications, standardize their processes, and enhance their analytical capabilities. While, CFOs refer to their organizational aspirations as achieving “Finance Transformation,” the term typically involves design and implementation of the finance organization, process and systems to improve the overall value of the finance function.

Having a Finance transformation strategy helps CFOs identify the weaknesses in their finance organisation to prioritise the required change initiatives, and supports them in defining an operating model to support the business and manage key finance activities more efficiently.

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We provide strategic content advisory for Finance & Accounting by leveraging curated-knowledge assets including frameworks, approaches, tools and business models on the key strategic topics.

Accounting StandardsDecision Making in FinanceMergers and Acquisitions
Activity-Based CostingDiscounted Cash FlowOperating Performance
Asset AllocationDouble-Entry BookkeepingOutsourcing
Costing and Cost Structure AnalysisF&A Concepts and SystemsOverhead Allocations
Business PlanningFinancial AnalysisPlanning, Forecasts and Budgeting
Business ValuationFinancial InstrumentsProfitability Analysis
Capital ExpenditureFinancial Risk ManagementRisks and Returns
Capital Investment AppraisalFinancial StatementsTime Value of Money
Capital StructureInformation TechnologyWorking Capital Management
Cash FlowManaging Assets and Liabilities

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Based on Deep Expert Research: We have spent years on researching academic and business publications to identify and index over 14000+ methodologies, frameworks and models across over 70 business topics

Core Elements for Your Strategy: We can provide core knowledge assets for your Strategy Development process that can structurally augment your analysis and presentations, and make the output more, convincing, credible and professional

During Pitch Phase: Build confidence with your prospective clients early within the RFP phase by expeditiously positioning context-specific approaches that can help drive the discussions convincingly

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